Consolidation Services


Simple operation for complex projects.

You have a large, detailed, and highly critical project on your plate.

Shipments are supposed to arrive at different days, and you have no place to store them.

You feel uncomfortable with the possibility of having parts getting lost or damaged by sitting unprotected on the job site.

Sound familiar?

We’ve seen this situation hundreds of times…

Then we developed a solution for it.

Consolidation that leads to efficiency.

Marrs combines large volumes of material for a single delivery at one price, shipping everything directly to your job site when the job will effectively start.

In the meantime, we will operate everything out of our 40K square feet facility, centrally located in St. Louis, MO.

From our facility, we can also pre-pack and label materials, another example of how we can reduce job site effort and labor cost for you.

Consider this service when you are faced with a project in which the material flow is challenging and you can’t stop everything you’re doing to take care of logistics details.

We are here to make you look good to your customer!

Single Shipment

Labor Savings

Equipment Protection