Expedited Freight


Impossible mission is mission accomplished.

If you think or have been told before that your “delivery can’t be done on time,” let us tell you something: we’ve done it before.

Our team are experts in delivering the most difficult shipments within timeframes that seemed impossible.

Less is more.

We cut out all extra time with stops and operate on free-flow mode to deliver your shipment in no time.

Urgent deliveries require dependable expedited freight. Marrs guarantees your shipment is “on track” and it will arrive on time, on budget, and intact no matter how far it is and how much effort it will take.

A small investment for big competitive advantage.

Being able to deliver the equipment on time may win you a bid, and we want to help you succeed.

Marrs is committed to arranging the solution that meets your needs and gives you an advantage over your competitors without breaking the bank.

Rocket Speed


Bid Winning