Full and Less than Truckload


Priceless convenience.

Believe it or not, most manufacturers don’t base their shipping charges on attributes related to the freight costs associated.

Several reps, tired of paying inflated freight charges, found an alternative route by managing their own transportation division.

The problem? They don’t have time to properly supervise their own carriers, leading to missed deadlines and extra fees.

One for all, and all for one.

When you partner with Marrs, you get the best of both worlds: competitive pricing without the hassle of coordinating the operation yourself and minimizing the risk of losing a truckload of money if things don’t go as you planned.

Let our relationships with the largest transportation carriers work for you.

Higher competition, lower prices.

LTL and truckload shipping can offer many benefits, and it’s easy to reduce shipping costs when you gather heavy and large packages and put them in a small non-damaging area to deliver in the same destination.

On Time


Stress Free