Specialized Equipment

oversize load truck

Hauling by the rules is playing safe.

If you ever worked on a specialized shipment and had to organize a large delivery, you are aware of challenges like finding capacity, managing providers, controlling costs, etc.

Many times, in an attempt to cut corners – and costs –  companies will try to “make it fit,” taking risks that can cost you time and money.

We care about your hurdles.

Double Drop Flatbed, Lowboy and Landoll, Escorted Service…no job is too large or too hard for Marrs to handle.

Specialized equipment usually require special permits.

Marrs carries the heavy weight for you by dealing with all the paperwork that ensures unstoppable transportation from end-to-end, protecting you from obstacles before they happen.

High-standards for optimal service.

Jumping steps to get your delivery fast is not the way to go. There is no reason to take risks when we can provide you with optimized service from the first until the last mile. With Marrs your load is safe, and your company is in compliance with all state and federal regulations.